5th Grade Music

5th grade classes will be working on songs from the Colonial through Revolutionary War era of American History.  This coincides with their classroom learnings. 


The concert will be part of an American History night at the school on June 7th after school from 6pm to 7pm.  If you cannot attend the concert, video of the event will be taken and access to the files will be granted through this website.


Here are the videos from the school performance on Wednesday:

     When I First Came to This Land http://youtu.be/jGJRZjaOouU

     Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me? http://youtu.be/Qo-mv6gZTaE

     The Greenland Whale Fishery http://youtu.be/FN27VJ-tEr8

     Free America http://youtu.be/843X_oUUQQk

     Yankee Doodle http://youtu.be/Wzx16MPFbek

     Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier http://youtu.be/AsEuerZTaAU

     The Rich Lady Over the Sea http://youtu.be/jLPxQFMEmgY

     Hail Columbia http://youtu.be/_tDK_TtnR-I