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2nd Grade Music

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 8 years, 2 months ago

2nd grade classes are learning basic music skills like drumming and singing as a group.  The songs we are singing reinforce the idea of living together in a community, which is part of the 2nd grade Social Studies curriculum.  The concert for 2nd grade will be split up into smaller groups to allow the audience to get closer to the performers.  The original intent had been for individual classes to perform on their own, but due to a busy schedule at the end of the year Mrs. Marksheffel's class will combine with Mr. VanMeter's/Mr. Murphy's class.  The concerts will be during the class's normal meeting time on the listed date in the music room, from 2:00 p.m. until 2:35 p.m.


The concert dates are:

Mrs. Marksheffel and Mr. VanMeter/Mr. Murphy - May 29th

     I managed to record all but one song while taking the kids through the songs.


     Adios Mi Amigo http://youtu.be/qdB6hX-ml1Q

     Responsible http://youtu.be/w1EvP_gHVTY

     Rules for Living http://youtu.be/iz__d2BkQ9k

     Simple Gifts http://youtu.be/CKzdX7LlE4E

     You Could Be My Friend http://youtu.be/X4GFyzPuzKY


Mrs. Sickles - May 31st

     Adios Mi Amigo http://youtu.be/rV-bkSs0uH4

     Little Pink Pig http://youtu.be/vkjnaPfPihk

    Responsible http://youtu.be/FwoGS7RMsg0

    Rules for Living http://youtu.be/PZqhXAhg4_k

    Simple Gifts http://youtu.be/zOvWEEWrdpY

    You Could Be My Friend http://youtu.be/VrOKohGaIYA


If you cannot attend the concert, it will be videotaped and access to the files will be granted through this website. 


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