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6th Grade Music 12-13

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 7 years, 5 months ago

Concert April 24th

2:40 pm


Students will be performing music from the Top 40 charts that they chose.


Here are the YouTube links from our concert.  The videos are not searchable, they are set to private so you must have the link in order to view the video.


Introduction  http://youtu.be/aHm_KGjgP08


Gangnam Style (student entrance) http://youtu.be/b29v-vyyH74


As Long As You Love Me  http://youtu.be/SVTv-fYJYjM


We Are Never Getting Back Together  http://youtu.be/RTCdDg9KrQg


Payphone  http://youtu.be/GUOzbJ_N3eM


Some Nights  http://youtu.be/2bdI8ebLohM 

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