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3rd Grade Music 12-13

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 7 years, 1 month ago

3rd Grade Recorder Concerts will be during their regular class times (2:45-3:25) on the stage. 


Mr. Fiedler's concert will be on June 4th

The entire concert video is here http://youtu.be/Q1b11mGNmMA


Mrs. Tobeck's concert will be on June 5th

Hot Crossed Buns  http://youtu.be/xVKuaNKUtkM

Gently Sleep  http://youtu.be/U00XVHy49ow

Merrily We Roll Along  http://youtu.be/DJDqjIuipMs

It's Raining  http://youtu.be/MCZII0SF_ek

Old MacDonald  http://youtu.be/cD9iAXD4IyY

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  http://youtu.be/31lO-zJGZqE

BAG-o-saurus  http://youtu.be/BExU2QgKceE

Popcorn BAG  http://youtu.be/CKBmeJRsnb0




Mrs. Paddock's concert will be on June 6th

Hot Crossed Buns and Gently Sleep  http://youtu.be/K1jj-Aup3tE

Merrily We Roll Along  http://youtu.be/yda9I2fOzaY 

It's Raining  http://youtu.be/89oih7Wm8oY

Old MacDonald http://youtu.be/qB_2l6dVH2g

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  http://youtu.be/0EEHDi-596o

BAG-o-saurus  http://youtu.be/P5OEGdxmhLM

Popcorn BAG  http://youtu.be/np2pTvoI_as


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