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2nd Grade Music 12-13

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 7 years, 3 months ago

Grade Level performances will be in May.  Each class will have a performance in the music room during their regular class time (1:55-2:35).  A video will be taken and posted to a private YouTube that can only be accessed with the video address (meaning non-searchable).  The concert dates for the classes are:


Mrs. Marksheffel May 7th

Three Billy Goats Gruff http://youtu.be/NLPnpuS_rwk

The Boy Who Cried Wolf http://youtu.be/VXeKKNaNLjM

The Fox Who Lost His Dinner http://youtu.be/Uuw3X1hmJ2M

Silly Jack http://youtu.be/1LcUZ4bUjW4

One Nation http://youtu.be/LX317TbNeOU


Mr. VanMeter/Mrs. Sickles May 8th

Gingerbread Boy http://youtu.be/iLvslvX9JTU 

The Boy Who Cried Wolf http://youtu.be/E-vkPf3rN0E

Silly Jack http://youtu.be/L30zSNKV9Vo 

One Nation http://youtu.be/DD20dySGddw

The Class Takes a Bow http://youtu.be/xdJiOxMF3UI


Mrs. Davis May 9th


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