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Talent Show 2013

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 7 years, 2 months ago

Here are links to videos from the Talent Show.  Some are two parters.  Sorry, I missed the 6th grade band/orchestra playing Big Bang Theory.  However, we will be performing it at the 6th grade promotion.  There were 150 Acts that included over 250 students who tried out, here are the students who made the top cut.  Congratulations!


Lillian Gunderson http://youtu.be/hmOGtAcI3fw  (Beautiful view of the top of Lillian's head)


Sydney Hanson, Emma Barker, Andrea Hanson, Riana Geathers http://youtu.be/DLwphblDos0


Tami Russo http://youtu.be/WcGIzQSOrtc


Addie Wagar, Jade Kowalski, Kaylee McCloughry, Anissa Cuadrado, Lauryn Johnson, Grace Moore, Avalie Wilder, and Sam Evalt http://youtu.be/Q7Yj-X5OJ9o and continued here http://youtu.be/fM3KkQ882qc


Trent Roy and Jonathan Fox http://youtu.be/CSoTVgyx2Vg


Taylor Pease, Jacqui Rude, and Lauren Barker http://youtu.be/TIuzK_Ci2P0


Chloe Denning http://youtu.be/jrijj6JX6tk


Bernadette Vaughter http://youtu.be/t80tVg42KwI


Zach Sears http://youtu.be/aDOV5QYp84Q


Thy Nguyen http://youtu.be/FglMnHNjxBA


Colin Snodgrass http://youtu.be/vJYjQGcrQN8


Devry Merriss and Kayla Haskell http://youtu.be/BoVVKre8GpU


Samantha Moore http://youtu.be/CqhAQIUMxac and http://youtu.be/NwdhpSnoWuA


Rylee Weeks http://youtu.be/Ab265_LCrq4


Shayla Rodriguez and Jordan Hanson http://youtu.be/3wc8H1CaBMk


Jessica Hatcher http://youtu.be/iAReau5t818


Grace Moore http://youtu.be/KdhBf4cD1b4


Ellaney Jelcick and Jordan Hanson http://youtu.be/Yovav6ZoIV4


Leo Goold http://youtu.be/tSKREnmBr6g


Hannah Walker http://youtu.be/Krrlu9Tf0lc


Ryan Reed and Dominic Crouch http://youtu.be/PnXZfEhWz_c


Hallee Powers http://youtu.be/MQ_TZYpKIy0





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