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6th 2013-2014

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 6 years, 2 months ago

This year 6th grade music is being treated like a middle school choir.  We have a few opportunities to perform here at school and in the community.  First we are working on Winter themed music for a sing-out at the Tumwater Christmas tree lighting at Tumwater Fire Station/City Hall on December 14th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm (right before the lighting of the tree and in conjunction with Peter G. Schmidt, Tumwater Hill, and Littlerock Elementaries).  We will also have a Spring Concert on April 25th at 1:15 pm.  The students will then learn a song for the end of the year Promotion (just in case they are invited to sing!).


December 14th - Tumwater Tree Lighting 4pm (City Hall/Fire Station)


April 25th - 6th grade performance at EOE 1:15pm



Unlisted YouTube Videos of our Concert can be found using the links below.  These are the only way to find them, since they are not searchable on YouTube.  Please be respectful of your peers and do not post these anywhere else.


Man in the Mirror http://youtu.be/TN_nEqnK3wQ


Keep Your Head Up http://youtu.be/0q5Aftgq6pc


Don't Stop Believin' http://youtu.be/V71NFhFjS-s  and continued here http://youtu.be/Y7QYjrODeZA


Let It Go http://youtu.be/QLmCljXmxj0


Best Day Ever http://youtu.be/V5vdq-9xWMM


Revolution http://youtu.be/sKUuQMcGOTw


Brave vs. Roar http://youtu.be/VDsPF9pZZOs


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