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Talent Show Information (redirected from Talent Show 2015)

Page history last edited by Lori Tibbetts 3 years, 2 months ago

To perform during the Talent Show, students must pass an audition and be one of the top performers in the four categories: Singing, Playing an Instrument, Dancing, and Other (hula hoop, jokes, gymnastics, etc.)


During the audition, I score students on preparedness, accuracy, appropriateness, and on the entertainment value of the act.  The scale is 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.  Students are expected to come with their music ready to go if they are doing anything that requires music, which is any act that doesn't have speaking like a skit or telling jokes.  Students must have purchased the music they are performing to due to copyright issues.  YouTube videos are not acceptable and the student will lose points.  All students auditioning to sing MUST have a karaoke track that they have purchased and downloaded.  Even if the student has an amazing voice, background music helps keep the student on key when nerves kick in as well as makes the performance more interesting to the audience.


The total act cannot be longer than 2 minutes, so students should know where to stop their music and/or act that makes sense to stay within that time limit.  During auditions, there are usually close to 100 students that try out for 12 to 14 spaces.  I can usually only watch the first 30 seconds or so of the act.


I recommend students select their act as soon as possible and beginning practicing right away.  As soon as school starts is not too early.  


If your student makes it into the Talent Show, it is important they bring me their music immediately so I can make a master CD, and that they don't change songs.  I have auditioned them on the song they auditioned on, and would have them audition again with something new which may put them at risk of no longer being in the show.  A letter should go home to students if they make it in.  Their name will also be posted at the top of the ramp to the music room.  Please encourage your student to look at the list a week or two after auditions to make sure they made it in.  If they didn't, encourage them to try again next year (especially the younger students).  Choosing only a few from the 100 acts is very hard and they need to find a way to stand out from the rest.


Thank you.

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